A Vision for the Town

The Picton Place Plan is a draft guiding document the identifies the vision, character, structure and form of the town now and into the future. The Plan provides a blueprint for Council’s vision for Picton as a cultural, community, heritage and government centre for Wollondilly. Picton is at an important cross road with its role rapidly evolving as the Shire grows.

The Plan also helps identify and define the future role of Picton. Picton has traditionally been the administrative centre for Wollondilly. The Plan supports the continuation and enhancement of Picton’s role into the future with the new community, cultural and civic precinct acting as the town centre hub.

The Picton Place Plan provides a strong model for the development of future place plans for other towns and villages in Wollondilly Shire. Council will continue to consider the funding of infrastructure projects across the entire Shire as part of Council’s budgeting process and an important part of that is to establish a clear and cohesive vision.

The Picton Place Plan will provide Council and the community with a shared vision for the town and guide the delivery of future programs, events and infrastructure projects. It will also ensure that the emerging Picton town centre has a vibrant, strong community, cultural and civic centre for the existing and future residents of Wollondilly.

For more information and to download the Picton Place Plan draft document head to Your Say Wollondilly.