Ready, set, grow!

Wollondilly is set for considerable and stable growth. Discover the trends in our growing population, read about our economic footprint and consider what’s next for the regions 34 towns & villages.

Wollondilly Facts & Figures

Wollondilly’s population is approximately 55,801 spread across 34 towns and villages. 

Wollondilly is set for considerable growth as the population of the Sydney Metropolitan region continues to expand at a rapid rate, with these growing needs being met by the New Wilton development plan. The area is also one of the last agricultural hubs in the Sydney region.

Despite economic instability in a number of other regions, Wollondilly provides residents and businesses with a growing, yet stable, economy. Since 2001 the Gross Regional Product (GRP) of the local economy has been growing at an average annual rate of 1.42%, increasing dramatically in recent years. Wollondilly is home to 4,635 local businesses and has an unemployment rate of 2.6%, well below the State and National levels. The Economic Development Strategy aims to facilitate an increase in the number of local jobs available to residents and reduce the number of people that have to leave the region to find work.

Quick facts

  • Population – 55,801
  • Employed Residents – 29,739
  • Local Jobs – 15,862
  • Local Businesses – 4,915
  • Largest Industry (in terms of employment) – Construction
  • GRP - $2.72 billion
  • Median House Valuation - $816,031

For more information and details on more general demographics see our Community Profile.

For specific economic demographics and further details please refer to our Economic Profile

The Gross Regional Product of an area is the equivalent of Gross Domestic Product, but for a smaller area. It is the amount of the nation’s wealth which is generated by businesses, organisations and individuals working in the area.

Wollondilly’s Gross Regional Product (GRP) is estimated at $2.72 million as at 30 June 2022. Wollondilly represents 0.41% of New South Wales's GRP.

What's Next for Wollondilly

Wollondilly is currently part of the fastest growing region in the Sydney-Metropolitan area. By 2031 the South West Sub-region is expected to grow by an additional 325,850 people. This provides the region with huge growth opportunities, particularly with plans for the development of Wilton.