Meet Jen, a local working mum who turned her passion of burlesque into a successful Wollondilly business inspiring and restoring confidence in women through the movement and exercise of dance. Learn more about how Jen found a gap in the market and used her own personal experience to create a business that is now helping so many. 

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Let’s start off with a little bit about yourself…
I am 35, Married with 2 kids (4yo, 11mo) we moved to Thirlmere 2019 and we LOVE it! It is such a great atmosphere and a beautiful place to raise children.

Professionally, I have had a long history in customer service and I have been teaching burlesque for 5 years now. I started doing Burlesque as a way of getting moving, and gaining confidence when I was a young adult. I adored the vintage songs, history, dance moves and of course, the costumes! I love the freedom to express myself and choreographing routines which incorporate a little humour and a lot of sexy.

Also, being a mum who has suffered with post-natal depression and anxiety, I need dance in my life! Before I started Vixen and Vamp I felt like I was adrift in a sea of sleepless nights and nappy changes. I honestly lost who I was but I was lucky to have the amazing support of my husband and GP who got me into local programs. I was then inspired to find burlesque classes to join and found there was a gap locally in the area. So, with the help of my burlesque buddy Kathryn, I decided to open Vixen and Vamp Burlesque!


What about your business?
Vixen and Vamp is a Burlesque dance studio, we started in 2021 after holding 2 sold out workshops we started with 1 class a week at Appin and Tahmoor, then the world stopped with Covid. We survived and are currently operating out of Wellness Recharge in Picton.

Vixen and Vamp offer a large range of classes from the modern hip hop-based Booty Bounce to the traditional boas and glam of Classique Burlesque, and we even hold Student showcases throughout the year! We also run private group workshops and hens night activities which are always a great time. 

Vixen and Vamp pride ourselves at being a zero peer pressure, body positive hype space, where clients can explore and discover more about themselves, while also reaping the health and wellness benefits of dance as a form of exercise. To quote a student;

“For me it’s a place to rediscover who I am…. have the freedom to be happy with my body, mind and grow back the confidence I have lost. Be sexy, confident and find friendships while being inspired by the amazing ladies around me!”


What makes your business successful?

I think it’s the space we create, and our amazing loyal client base. Vixen and Vamp is a safe place for self-expression, to re-discover yourself, rekindle that selflove and be embraced by a very eclectic group of people. Once you walk in the door, there is a feeling of acceptance and empowerment, I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to walk into the studio, it’s my happy place, my sanctuary and I hope we create that same feeling for everyone who dances with us.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to expand my business and help other artists and creative people have a space in the Wollondilly. And of course I would love to still be teaching and performing Burlesque!


Why did you choose Wollondilly?

Well, I live here now, and I don’t plan on moving anytime soon! We are setting up roots here and it’s an amazing place to live and run a business


Where do you pick up your morning coffee in the Dilly?

We are blessed with lots of good coffee … as a working mum that is VERY important! Moses Barnes is my go-to business meeting spot their food is top notch and their coffee is amazing but I also love my local spot Deliciousleigh Cakes for their Vanilla Oat Latte (Drool!)


And just one more for fun…complete this sentence. Most people wouldn’t know that I…

have won karaoke competitions when I was younger, my dad and I used to go and enter and usually we would both end up with a prize. I still love singing and only recently noticed karaoke at Bargo hotel, so I am going to check that out very soon!

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