Say G'Day to The Oaks Hotel General Manager


Once aspiring Politician turned passionate hotel industry General Manager, Justin has an inspiring story of growth and leadership within his career. As the now licensee of The Oaks Hotel, learn why Justin made the move back to his home town and what makes his role so special. 

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First up, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have been in the industry from the young age of 18 where I started off taking deliveries, setting up stages and DJ equipment and picking up glassware. I secured my first full time job when I was 20 at Moorebank Hotel as the Junior duty manager. Within 2 years I had my first General Manager position and License.

Ever since then I’ve taken pride in ensuring the culture within a business is at its best and as a result quality customer experience can be achieved. Now I’m at The Oaks Hotel, my 10th venue, and back in Wollondilly for the first time since leaving Bargo where I grew up.

What about your role at The Oaks Hotel? What’s that like?

My role is incredibly hard to explain and has changed over the last couple of years. But to put it simply, my role is about guiding, educating and mentoring the talented people that are in our business. As well as continuing to not only maintain but grow the ties the Oaks Hotel has with our amazing local community.

What makes The Oaks Hotel successful?

Value adding to the customer experience is key to the success of our business. The team excels in bringing a warm and friendly yet professional attitude to all that walk through our doors.

We also make sure that the quality and price for our food is unmatched in the area. We truly believe that we won’t be beaten!


Have you ever had a celebrity visit the Hotel?

While we do get a few Rugby League legends in to the hotel due to our great relationship with The Oaks Tigers. Paul Gallen would have to be the best…great bloke!

Why did you choose Wollondilly?

Personally, coming home to grow a business that had such potential was a no brainer. I knew I had the experience and understood what Dilly people are like. From an ownership perspective, it’s a great area that’s booming with growth, with hard working people who deserve a venue that will have the facilities for them to enjoy and relax.

Where do you pick up your morning coffee in the Dilly?

I make a good coffee myself at the pub…I am my own barista!

What did you want to be when you were young?

I actually always thought I was going to be a politician. I even studied Business majoring in Economics before falling in love with the hotel Industry.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Still in the industry for sure. Hoping to have ownership equity in a business or two as it’s what I love, and what I’m good at.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Definitely the growth of The Oaks Hotel professionally. The offering is awesome and the team has the best culture I’ve ever worked with.

Personally, hitting five 3’s and scoring a game high of 23 points in a local Division 1 Basketball Comp takes the cake. Finals MVP is always a nice accomplishment!

And just one more for fun…What is your favourite band or movie and a memory that goes with it?

The first Avatar movie will forever be in my heart. It was my first 3D experience at the movies and I got to share it with my Dad.

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