Say G'Day to our local wellness Day Spa Retreat

Meet Ashlee, a passionate local resident, who's been in the beauty industry for over 11 years.

Read on to be inspired by Ashlee's journey and how she created a Palm Springs inspired Day Spa in the Dilly. 

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Let's start off with a little bit about yourself 
My name is Ashlee and I'm the founder of The Bathhouse located in Douglas Park. I live locally in Menangle and I also own a day spa in Camden (Eden Spa). I have 2 beautiful children and the most supportive husband who is always on board with my crazy business ideas. I wouldn't be where I am today without him! Growing up, I always struggled in the workplace and found it hard to find supportive mentors. My number one goal when creating these businesses was to ensure that my team had a supportive mentor and a welcoming environment. 

And about your business?
The Bathhouse is a Palm Springs inspired Day Spa located in Douglas Park situated on 1/2 an acre. The concept of The Bathhouse was created during the pandemic as people were restricted to travel. I wanted to create an atmosphere where clients felt they were on holidays. The Bathhouse opened in February 2022 and has been thriving since we opened our doors, with our clients tracing from all areas across NSW. These areas include Canberra, South Coast and Sydney CBD. During your visit, there are a number of amazing facilities to enjoy which include 3x hydrotherapy spas, sauna, steam room and heated magnesium plunge pool. Our guests can also enjoy a number of treatments including Float Therapy, Vichy Showers (full body scrub & wrap), Massages and Facials. Our most favourite thing about the bathhouse is the VIBE! Bright colours and a team of passionate therapists ensure every client has the most amazing experience. We wanted to create a space different to your mainstream day spa, we wanted a space that was upbeat and vibrant where clients can let their hair down and have some fun!

What makes your business successful?
I opened my first business at 24 years old with a 3-month-old baby. I’ve now been in the beauty industry for 11 years and had a few highs but many lows trying to navigate business. I think many years of lessons learnt has most certainly given me the ability to create a million-dollar business within 12 months of opening. My business also wouldn’t be as successful without my team of 16 local women! Without a motivated and passionate team, I would have no business at all. They share my vision in wanting to help women feel confident within themselves. We all view beauty from a holistic approach, when you feel amazing on the inside you walk around with such a glow that everyone around you gravitates to! We are passionate about ensuring every client walks out with that high vibe glow.

Why Wollondilly for your business?
I have lived in Menangle for a long time now and absolutely love the area. A seven-minute drive to work gives me more flexibility to pop home and visit the kids and fur babies. Douglas Park was selected as there is so much growth and development in the area. We also wanted a location that is nice to drive to away from the hustle and busy of normal city living. 

What is one beauty product everyone should own?
The Dr Spiller Sanvita Cream! Dr Spiller products are so hydrating and works with the skins natural layers to provide long lasting hydration. 

Other than your own business, which Dilly business is your favourite?
I absolutely love visiting Porter & Hudson in Picton. They have the most beautiful flowers and Beck the owner, has such a beautiful soul!

And just for fun....what was your first job?
My first job was at Woolworths as a checkout chick.