Introducing our Local Musician 

Meet Patrick, music writing legend, teacher and Tahmoor local. After years of experience in film and TV music and teaching at The Australian Institute of Music, Patrick took the leap and started up his very own studio 'River Road Creative Academy' with a personalised and unique approach to creative arts education. 

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So Patrick, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a local, born and raised in Tahmoor. I studied music in 2004, where after graduating I pursued film and tv music, writing music for channel 9, ABC, SBS and also Channel 10’s The Project. I then began teaching music at The Australian Institute of Music in 2009, where eventually I was Head of Composition and Music Production from 2011-2019. It was here that I developed my own approach to creative arts education, which is all about agile and tailored learning pathways that focus on supporting students holistically.

With all this experience under my belt, in 2021 I took the leap and started my own creative arts school in Tahmoor called River Road Creative Academy.

What about your business?

River Road Creative Academy started in my home studio in Tahmoor late 2021 and we recently moved into our own shopfront in March 2022. River Road provides music instrument lessons, as both individual and group sessions, but also provides filmmaking programs including stop motion filmmaking for kids.

We cater for all ages and abilities, and additionally offer music therapy, including working with local health care and wellbeing services in supporting people living with a disability.

We have engaged in Community Projects, including bushfire recovery projects, wellbeing projects, men’s health initiatives (Wollondilly Mens Music Cave), holiday programs and arts projects with Southern Tableand Arts.

We also work with schools, currently delivering music and filmmaking programs with Cawdor Public School.

Why did you choose Wollondilly for your business?

I honestly can't think of any area I'd rather have my business! It's bizarre to think it took me so long to look at home as a natural place to provide high quality music and creative arts education.

What makes your business successful?

I'll let you know when I feel I'm in that position! But from my experience businesses that I observe as being successful demonstrate a quality in how they treat people, within their business and outside of their business. This includes providing staff with autonomous, enjoyable, and non-hierarchical environment focused on strength based utilisation of peoples skills and values.

Who has been a great influence or support for your business?

This list could get a little long, and I’m worried I may miss someone, but members of the Picton Chamber of Commerce, Wollondilly Tourism Association, various Wollondilly Council staff, Community Links, and Wollondilly Total Care have been very supportive.

Some individuals who have taken the time to meet, and help guide the development of River Road include Alexandra McCarthy (Wildflower Holistic Services), Geoff O'Brien (Bradcorp), Debbie Roberts (Debbie Roberts Consulting), Dave Clayton (Bargo Mens Shed) and Rose Marin (Southern Tableand Arts).

And a few for fun…

Where do you pick up your morning coffee in the Dilly?

I love to go to my locals so either Where Ya Bean, or Espresso Lane in Tahmoor!

Complete this sentence, Most people wouldn’t know that I

…used to be a plumber!

What is your favourite band or movie and a memory that goes with it?

I love all music and sounds produced by creative artists, but I love music from artists like Tom Waits, Metallica, Florence and the Machine. Not so much a memory, but each artist or sounds that these artists produce, have a time and place where I would play them and each represent different times in my life. I can say that Metallica was the sound of my youth, however still plays on my playlist today.

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