Join us to discover why local optometrist Nandita chose Wollondilly for her first independent practice and how delivering exceptional customer service has grown her business to the success it is today.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I am married to my best friend Asif, and we have known each other for almost twenty years. Our family includes our nine year old daughter Namirah and our seven year old son Zarif. I am fortunate to have my parents and brother living close by. My parents migrated to New Zealand in 90s. I completed my schooling and university studies in Auckland. I moved to Australia in 2006.

And what about your business?
After spending 15 years in corporate optometry and feeling dissatisfied with the culture, I made the bold decision to open an independent optometry practice. My aim was simple yet profound: to offer every patient exceptional service and treat them as individuals rather than mere numbers. I am very lucky to have staff members who are qualified and share my values.

What I cherish most about the business is the opportunity to interact with new people everyday, building genuine connections and providing personalised care.

Our greatest achievement is when a patient steps through our door and shares that they were referred by their friends, family, colleagues or neighbours. It’s the best thing to hear.

Picton Eyecare’s typical clientele comprises of local residents of Wollondilly, but I also have a significant following of patients from the Southern Highlands, where I practiced for over seven years.

What makes your business successful?
We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service at Picton Eyecare. Our approach is simple: we treat each patient the way we would want to be treated. This means taking the time to get to know them and their family, understanding their unique needs, and proving personalised care that goes beyond just eye exams. 

Why Wollondilly for your business?
Recognising the surge in new housing developments and the steady growth of population in the area I knew there will be an increase in demand for eyecare services in the area. The strong sense of community in Wollondilly truly resonated with me and played a significant role in my decision to open a practice in the area. Witnessing the genuine warmth and support from the local businesses and residents made me deeply happy and inspired me to become a part of this close knit community.

What's your proudest accomplishment? 
Diagnosing a 3.5 year old girl with brain tumour from doing an eye examination and a 3D scan. She had a brain surgery done within 2 days which saved her life.

Have you ever had a celebrity visit your business? 
Yes, I have done eye examination on Jimmy Barnes and Mahalia Barnes. 

Do you have any new plans for the future? 
I would love to open another optometry practice in Wollondilly.

What is a must see or do in Wollondilly and why?
NSW Rail Museum, it is the main railway museum with significant heritage collection. The Museum operates steam heritage train rides and hosts Thirlmere Festival of Steam. During school holidays ‘Day Out with Thomas’ is always a fun activity to do with kids. 

Wollondilly Tours; great for group tours, school excursion or solo exploration. Their guided tours can show you around the scenic parks, gardens, dams and farms. If you are after something spooky then the Picton After Dark Tour is a must, with Wollondilly Tours! 

And just a few for fun…What was your first job?
Check out operator in a supermarket. 

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