Sit Down with a Skin Specialist

Homegrown in Wollondilly, Sharon is a passionate local who has grown her dream business since the young age of 18. After many years of upskilling in the beauty industry Sharon took on the challenge of creating her very own successful organic skin care brand. Read on to be inspired by Sharon's hands on approach to business and learn why she loves the Dilly!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a wife and mother of 3 with 49 years behind me, homegrown in Wollondilly. My ambition has always been to own my business and with the support of my family this dream came true at the age of 18 when I began my first Tahmoor Beauty Salon in 1992. To make sure I was growing my skills and becoming the very best version of myself I branched out and also became a Film & TV Makeup Artist, Cosmetic Tattooist and a high-end Beauty Sales Representative. It was through all of these career experiences that I decided I would be an advocate for my own Skin Care brand, Energise Organic Skin Care.

And what about your business?

Exotic Skin Co is a fresh, soft aesthetic salon with a natural organic feel nestled within Attitude Hair & Beauty Thirlmere. My aim is to replace “anti-ageing” vocabulary to “pro-ageing’. The pro- ageing movement has gained momentum and has started to redefine how we talk about ageing.

My mission is about caring for skin health, body and soul. Encouraging us to strive to look healthy and be honest about our age rather than be anxious about a number. To accomplish this, I share my wealth of knowledge with all my wonderful clients in a safe and nurturing environment using certified organic and natural products with complete professional spa and clinical experience. I’m extremely proud to be announced Wollondilly’s Outstanding Beauty Services 2022!

What makes your business successful?

As a salon owner of over 30 years of experience I make the choice to take a hands-on approach and treat all of my clients. My clients understand that in dealing with me personally, they will experience consistency in every interaction. Each encounter is precious, or as I like to say a ‘beauty exchange’. Education is paramount as I want my clients to feel informed and understand the value of their investment. I value the holistic, noninvasive and effective approach. 

What’s something about your business people might not know?

I donate a percentage of monthly proceeds from my skincare range to Wollondilly Wires and have recently started to help The Blue Butterfly Institute – for victims and survivors of sexual trauma.  


Why Wollondilly for your business?

Well actually it was chosen for me by my parents to live here but why I chose to stay here is because it's my safe haven. I have watched the changes over the years and our semi-rural country town is still warming with many kindhearted people.

Do you have a favourite Dilly Business (other than your own of course)?

Definitely Wollondilly Women in Business Network! It gives an opportunity for likeminded women in a broad range of businesses to connect and share our journeys. I get inspired by their successes and empowered by their strengths.  I have had the pleasure to meet so many talented women and create new friendships along the way.  

And just a few for fun…What was your first job?

My first job was at Theo’s Fast-food Takeaway in Thirlmere after school, but I didn’t last very long as I was no good at battering potato scallops!

What’s something people might not know about you?

At the age of 37 years I began a hobby in bodybuilding. I competed in 12 Australian Natural Shows over 8 years and was ranked South Coast Champion and 5Th in Australia for Womens Figure. Currently I'm not competing but I still enjoy strength training. 

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