Key Council Services

The 2021/22 Budget and Operational Plan is a detailed plan which provides information on Council’s key services, projects, programs and budget for the next financial year. It also includes a full list of all scheduled capital works and all proposed fees and charges.

This plan outlines how Council will continue to deliver our important ongoing services for the Wollondilly community in the year ahead in order to achieve the commitments made in Council’s adopted Delivery Program 2017/18 – 2020/21 (now in an extended fifth year).



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Key Highlights

  • Roads, Resources & Funding
    Improving the condition of our roads is a key focus for both Council and the Community. Council’s extensive capital works program aims to deliver, maintain and renew priority infrastructure assets for our Shire. The investment in our road renewal and upgrades will be $16.06M in 2021/22. The objective of the plan is to improve the road network, stopping further deterioration while reconstructing already failed roads. The program demonstrates a balanced approach of preventative treatments as well as full reconstructions. We are also investing in additional internal resources to lead management of all of our transport and road planning and management.

  • Jobs, Investment & Tourism
    Local job creation through economic investment and tourism is a central priority for Council. Council is directly investing $33.7M in local capital works to improve the Shire, stimulating local jobs through project delivery. A service improvement for 2021/22 will be the creation of a new Business Investment Concierge and Executive Planner to unlocking greater business investment opportunities for our Shire and directly support local business growth and job creation. We will also be continuing to support and promote small business and tourism across the Shire through our dedicated and passionate team.

  • Customer Experience
    Improving customer experience continues to be a focus for the organisation in 2021/22 and will be addressed through the development of customer experience plans for all service areas across Council, improved technology processes and systems including enhancement to the Customer portal and investment in our people as we strive to become an even higher performing Council.
  • Improving Organisational Performance
    Wollondilly is growing now and on the verge of exponential growth. It is essential that Council is adequately equipped financially and organisationally, to deal with the pressures on infrastructure, social services, transport, community and environment that are expected to come. A major focus this year is gearing up for growth by developing an organisational business strategy for growth. This will ensure Council will become the best it can be - a high performing organisation managing change and growth well for the benefit of the current and future Wollondilly community.