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Get to know Nadine, a member of the Sydney’s Original Doll Hospital family who have been bringing treasured toys back to life since 1913. You may remember the popular shop being located in Bexley and now the very same team have brought their unique and expert skill set to Appin.  

The business is family run with 6 generations sharing in the expertise of bear and doll repairs across two close families working side by side. Find out why Nadine and her family chose Appin to move their successful business.

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Tell us a little bit about the Doll Hospital

Here at Sydney’s Original Doll Hospital we repair treasured dolls and bears. To see the joy of people who come to collect their doll or teddy and seeing them all fixed up is beautiful!

We also have a lovely shopfront that sells a wide range of unique specialty items.

Where did it all begin?

The Doll Hospital began in 1913 when Mr Harold Chapman Snr noticed that shipments of celluloid dolls arriving in the docks at Sydney, were arriving damaged. He decided to do something about this and grew from there. He passed the business on to his son Harold Jnr who later passed it down to his son Geoffrey. It is now owned by Kerry Stuart who has worked for the Chapmans for over 30 years!

Why did you choose the Dilly?

We decided to move to Wollondilly as this is much closer to home. The little sandstone cottage that we have been lucky enough to find here in Appin is just perfect for our business and customers really enjoy the experience of coming here.

What is the best thing about Wollondilly?

We love Wollondilly’s quiet and rural feel, especially compared to our previous store location in Bexley! The Dilly is home to friendly faces and amazing areas. Our customers often comment on what a pleasant drive it is to get to us.

It’s a hard choice, but which Dilly town is your favourite?

Appin of course! The people are so friendly and there is also a real sense of community with us all helping each other. Fantastic food and coffee choices and a great place for kids as well.

What about the best thing about being a part of the Wollondilly business community?

Everyone loves helping each other! I am always talking up the other business not just in Appin, but in the surrounding suburbs as well.

What are you customers like?

Everything about what we do here can be so special. We are helping people with items that they often hold very dear to their hearts and have great sentimental value for them. Our customers are unique and so grateful as we are restoring items that are often passed down to children, grandchildren or sometimes great grandchildren.

What advice would you give to others wanting to set up a business in Wollondilly?

You can’t go wrong with this happy and caring community where there is so much on offer for you and for the people you want to work with and for.

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