Spend some time with our local orchard

Meet dynamic father and son duo, Mark and Damien, who run a fourth generation family orchard that produces a mix of peaches, nectarines, apples and persimmons. Find out all about their business and why Wollondily has been perfect region for it's success.

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Let’s kick things off with a little bit about your business

Mark & Damien…
Cedar Creek Orchard is a fourth generation family run orchard that produces a mix of peaches, nectarines, apples and persimmons. We are also proud to have a delicious line of apple juice made right here in the Dilly.

It all started when Hugo Silm settled here from Estonia in 1937 with his young family where the farm was purchased and first ran as a chicken farm. Today we run the farm as a father and son team.

Your family is very involved in the Dilly community, tell us more.

Damien, Our first born decided to join my wife Lynelle and I at Cedar Creek Orchard in the fruit and juice production business.

Anthony, our middle son has started his own Electrical business called Cedar Creek Electrical and is looking after the local area with all of their electrical needs.

Nathan, our last son has started up his own company called Cedar Creek Cider and he is looking after all of our alcoholic needs (haha). His business is also going very well.

Mum and Dad are very proud of our 3 boys!

In your humble opinion, What’s the best thing about Wollondilly?

It’s rural feel, and proximity to Sydney

I grew up on the orchard and it’s such a fantastic place to be a kid, with plenty of space and enough facilities nearby to have plenty of things to do. My wife and I now have our first baby and are looking forward to being able to provide the same upbringing

This could be a biased question, but what do you think should be at the top of a visitors ‘must see’ list in Wollondilly?

Burragorang Look out is a must as well as The NSW Rail Museum in Thrilmere, but there is so much more to see!

Fruit picking at Cedar creek orchard of course! My wife and I also enjoy catching up with friends at Picton botanical gardens and could spend a lazy Sunday afternoon there any day.

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the Wollondilly business community?

Mark & Damien…
The support for local business here is fantastic. We support local businesses and local businesses support us!

What do you love about your customers?

All of our customers are special because they are supporting us! We also get to meet visitors of all nationalities from all around the world.

Its great seeing and talking to customers who have been coming to the orchard for longer than I’ve been alive and telling me stories about my grandparents and seeing me grow up here.

What’s your one gold nugget of advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the Dilly?

Mark & Damien…
Give it a go. If you are confident in your product then you will find the support of locals to be astounding!

And a fun one for lucky last… if you had a superpower, what would it be?

I would go back in time, probably to the 80s and 90s and change few decisions I made on the farm!

definitely time travel.

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